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Moist Petals-a poetic novel by Saryu Parikh

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Moist Petals-a poetic novel by Saryu Parikh AMAZON.Com

<click on the link below to read-novel Moist Petals. eBook,
Or to buy paper-book or borrow, contact,   512-712-5170.
Moist Petals   
A Poetic Novel
by Saryu Parikh

Sumi was being pulled mercilessly in two directions. “My first obligation is to respect my father’s wishes and make him proud of me. But my soul is rebelling fiercely to break away from the confinement of their blind beliefs.”

She found herself as a winsome soul.
She learned the value of give and take.
The sprinkle of love spreads near and far.
She is ready to receive what permeate the hearts.

I am a person of few words. That is why my feelings flow in poetry and I get carried away, forgetting the prose or the explanation.

If a touch cannot electrify, a word cannot pacify.
A whisper can’t awaken; a look can’t touch the heart.
Then rely upon the sweet mundane;
and ring the bells to wake up the souls.

270 pages – $ 10.00 (paperback)
EBOOK – $ 2.99

Editor’s Notes.1. One of the major strengths of this text is how surprisingly effective the radical message complements to the poetic/lyrical nature of the text—a technique, probably outside your intention to employ, that is simply unique and praiseworthy. When one must relay a message about nonconforming for all the right reasons, a poetic tone is rarely a medium used to relay it. It’s an irony at which no ordinary writer can easily succeed, and I believe you have.
2. It’s easy to infer you are a learned person. You are an insightful person who deserves to be heard. Your insights throughout your story are well put together, and you have the ability to convey your thoughts easily and fluidly. For that reason, your readers will remember this book and your name.
3. Another one of the factors that make this story unforgettable and unique, and which I found enjoyable, is the subtlety of the romance between Raju and Sumi. I found some of their dialogues moving and realistic, even if the hands of destiny did play a role in the progress of their relationship. The romantic factor is not over-the-top or melodramatic, despite it being a coming-of-age, unlike most of the mainstream young adult books these days. Congratulations.
Comment: Thank you Saryuben, your email always puts a smile on my face. I am almost done with the book but prolonging it by reading slow as I’m in love with Sumi and Raju. I felt like I was there at all those places while reading it, amazing feeling. I know I will miss them once I finish this book. Sonal Desai.
comments by Shirley, a teacher, a classy lady, wrote…..I knew I would love the words written in Moist Petals, but didn’t realize the emotional connection I would experience while reading it. I had started it before a long trip abroad, but left it behind, for fear of losing it. When I returned, I savored the chapters, and took my time reading it. I had to pause and reflect upon my own life along the way. I wondered about how my own experiences would be perceived. I enjoyed the journey on searching my own soul as I finished the book this morning. I don’t know why your words touch me so much, but they do. Please continue to write and share your beautiful insight to others.
Subject: Book Review – Moist Petals.  author : Saryu Parikh
This is an unique and extraordinarily interesting story for several reasons like:
* rare insight into a woman’s lives in two different continents and society namely India and USA.
* Simple narratives of a growing girl’s world in  a small town –  Bhavnagar – Gujarat and later transformation to a new world while maintaining the common thread of love, compassion and positive attitude for life.
* The changing environment of a typical Hindu – Brahmin family in the post Independent India, the pain and struggle of breaking away from the old and adopting the new.
* Drive and courage to help others – especially   women from developing world in the new Western society  and fulfilling the quest for a meaningful life.
Written in a simple and sensitive way,  the book will be of much interest and value to both the Indian and American societies. The stories are juicy and touch the soul easily.  A must read.
Dr. Muni Mehta. Padmshree, a National award honoree. Vadodara – India

Moist Petals-WORD      <<<<click and You are welcome to read my entire book here.



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Posted in કાવ્યો by saryu on June 17th, 2015


    મારી   ભરત  ભરેલી  સાડી ફૂલ ગુલાબી
એના  રેશમ તારે  યાદો  મસ્ત  ગુલાબી
એ   પહેરી   પૌત્રી,  લાગે  ગુલ  દુલારી
તેની  સાથે  મુજને  સ્મરણોએ  ઝુલાવી

   એની  દરેક  સળની  સાથે  આશા  દોરી
એને   ટાંકે   ટાંકે   ટહુકે   કોયલ   મોરી
રે  પગની પાયલ   પ્રીતમ સંગત ઘેલી
ચાલી’તી  આગળ,  ભૂલી  સંગ  સહેલી

  એ   તીરછી   નજર્યું   લાગી’તી  સુન્‍હરી
હું  સોળ  કળાએ  ખીલી  હતી એ પહેરી
ઉન્મત  પાલવ ફરકે, હતી હવા હઠીલી
છાયલ  પહેરી  તે’દિ  બની હતી નવેલી

 પૂછે,  ક્યમ સંતાયે ચહેરે  સ્મિત પહેલી!
ના  બોલું,  મ્હાલું  અંતરની  રંગ   રેલી!


મારી ભરત ભરેલી સાડી ફૂલ ગુલાબી,
એના  રેશમ તારે યાદો મસ્ત ગુલાબી.
એની દરેક સળની  સાથે આશા  દોરી,
એને  ટાંકે   ટાંકે  મોહકતા   હીરકોરી.

રે પગની પાયલ  પ્રીતમ સંગત ઘેલી,
ચાલી’તી આગળ, ભુલી  સંગ  સહેલી.
એ નજર લહર  મન  લાગી’તી સુનેરી,
સોળ કળાએ  ખીલી  હતી એ  પહેરી.

ઉન્મત પાલવ  સરકે   હવા  હઠીલી,
છાયલ  પહેરી   હરખે   નાર   નવેલી.
સુરખી   સંતાયેલી,    સ્મિત   પહેલી,
ના  બોલું,  મ્હાલું,  અંતરની  રંગરેલી.

  આજ, સોડ તાણીને આહ્લાદક સુંવાળી,
હું  સૌમ્ય  સુકોમળ ખોળામાં  હૂંફાળી!
દીપ  જલાવી,   નવપુષ્પિત   શણગારી,
એ  જ  ચીરમાં,  ચિન્મય  ચિર  સમાણી.

Comment by Dilip Parikh: The poem beautifully expresses delicate emotions and dreams of a young girl. We are all engaged in the pursuit of pleasure. Pleasure comes into being through four stages: perception, sensation, contact and desire to possess. Thought creates pleasure through desire and gives it continuity. To me, the “Sari” represents the external appearance of an individual and that creates “ego gratification”—how beautiful I look? There is nothing wrong about it. The problem is, we become dependent and that, sooner or later, brings frustration, sorrow, fear, and jealousy. When one lives in the present, thought doesn’t give continuity to pleasure. …The last 2 lines are the essence of the poem and make the poem special for me. The word “deep” seems to indicate self-knowledge and that comes with the tranquility of mind. Now there is no attachment, fear, or sorrow and there is freedom from the known. There is no fear of death and one is ready to merge with the universal consciousness–as Mira is ready to surrender to Krishna with all the joy.

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Pink Dress

Posted in કાવ્યો by saryu on June 17th, 2015

Pink Dress

Many moons ago, the query and quest,
When my Bena made me a pretty pink dress.

“Why little girl! Your grandma made a dress?
What could be the reason and for what occasion?”

“I don’t know why! Maybe, just because
Or, I may guess, because I am a princess.”
“How do you know and who says so?”
“A princess is who I am; my Papa says so.
I’ll wear my dress and go to a fair,
All my friends will gleefully stare.”

The flowers are fresh and petals rose-pink
I hold memory link, and feel tickled pink
Bouquet in my hand, matching with my gown
A shear shimmering veil, a coronation crown

Those days, and the dress, with seasons they did fade
The princess in me, still shines like a jade.

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The flawless river flows forever
I think and believe I can see it forever
But I can never see the same river
Even if I try.

Life is like a runaway river,
Ever-changing and never slowing
Why pull against His wishes,
and hold on to worthless ashes?

No need to leave, No need to cling
The kith and kin are a short term myth
The force of the fleet will trick them away
The stream of time will split our ways

I hold up my head above it all
I’ve to be aware and widely awake
Remove the covers so I can swim
And the weight of wants don’t drag me down

We celebrate the Spring, the enchanting stream
The birth and progression; a miracle in motion.

The deep philosophy of a flowing river is compared with our ever-changing life.
Every thing turn, turn, turn . . .


Posted in કાવ્યો by saryu on June 4th, 2015

Inline image 1
painting by Dilip Parikh


મારી મરજી
આવે મદમાતી મારા સપનાની રાણી
માને કહેલું મારી લાગણીઓ જાણી
હાથ જ્યારે માંગુ તે ઉમંગે આપતી
સાથ જ્યારે ચાહું, સંગાથે ચાલતી

દીવાના તેજ સમી ઓરડો ઉજાળતી
હૈયુ મીલાવી મારી આરતી ઉતારતી
ફૂલોનો હીંચકો ને પાપણ પલકારતી
તીરછી નજરથી એ મુજને ઝૂલાવતી

ચોતરફ તારલા ને ઝરમરતી ચાંદની
મંજુલ મધુર વાત રૂમઝૂમતી રાતની
મેઘધનુષ રંગોના મનરથનો સારથી
હોંશે બિરાજે મારી મોહિની માનથી

કલ્પનાની કેડીએ મનમોજે મ્હાલું
કોઈ નહીં રકજક, મારું ધાર્યું કરાવું
મનગમતી વાર્તામાં, મનહરતી નારી
હકીકતની છોરીથી સાવ જ એ ન્યારી


તેણીની મરજી
મારી કલમ અને કલ્પનાની સ્યાહી
મારી મરજી પેઠે ચાલે કહાણી

વાંસળી વગાડી મને પ્રિયતમ બોલાવે
જો હું ના માનું મને અવનવ મનાવે
લલિત લતા ઝૂલે હળવે હિંચોળે
માધુરી માળા મારા કેશમાં પરોવે

મારી કલાને એ હરદમ વખાણે
થોડું કરું તોયે બહુ કર્યું માને
મુજને શું ગમશે તે વણબોલે જાણે
આપે અચંભો મને રુચતું લઈ આણે

મારા એક આંસુની કિંમત પિછાણે
મીઠું હસીને વળી માફી એ માગે
સપનાનો સાયબો મિતભાષી પ્યારો
હકિકતના છોરાથી સાવ જ એ ન્યારો


આપણી કલ્પના પ્રમાણે વાર્તાના પાત્રો ઢાળી શકીએ, ભલે હકિકતમાં એ શક્ય ન બનતુ હોય. આમાં ફરિયાદ નથી પણ મૌલિકતાનો આનંદ છે.

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