If only…

Posted in કાવ્યો by saryu on January 28th, 2019

If only….

If only you loved me, you would turn around
to hear my roiling, complaining sound.
A glance, a smile, would adorn your face
and words you say would be knitted in love lace.

Here I stand frigid and cold,
I keep my emotions in an egoistic hold.
I didn’t call you back to gather in my arms,
Didn’t say I love you; no clause, no qualms.

I know too well, what you should say,
But my vision sees only my own narrow way.
My expectations are high and adoration low,
My self-absorption just leaves me hollow.

Who knew! The math of love where minus is plus,
You give, you have more; you keep, you have less!
Saryu Parikh 1/24/2019
a poem about, one-sided thinking and self-absorption make us forget the true meaning of love.


1. Purushottam Mevada
Saryu ji, Excellent feelings in poem! Regards.
2. Ramesh Patel
Touching expression of deep feelings.
3. Mahendra Thaker
liked every word of it..and in summary:
” Who knew! The math of love where minus is plus,
You give, you have more; you keep, you have less! “
4. Judy Regalia: This is beautiful! So well done. Thank you for sharing.
5. Robin Sharpneck: Very insightful, Saryu.
6. Anand Rao
”The math of love where minus is plus,” Excellent formula ….
7. Prafulla Bhatt. Very nice poem with good reflection. With less expectation and unconditional love, any problems can be solved. Same consciousness pervades in the universe, thinking of others is same as thinking of one self. You have mentioned the truth in a poetic way. Love, Prafulla
8. Chandrakant Desai: Hi Saryuben, Happy to read your poem on LOVE.Very appropriately you have described the essence of Love in Math of love;where minus is plus.Love is the supreme element of the Universe (Sanders Unchi Premsagai).please keep up good writing.
Thanks & Regards. Sincerely Chandrakant Desai

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