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              ટીએન કહેશે;

મારા ઓષ્ઠો હલે ને તારી આંખ સાંભળે,

મૃદુ મનના તરંગ અનુકંપ સાંભળે.

                                             મારા હ્રુદિયાના ભાવ, મારી આંગળીની વાત,                                                              

 મારી ભીતરમાં સપનાઓ સળવળે.

ભલે મૂક ને બધિર, રહી કુદરતની વાત,

 આજ સોણે સહારે ચાલી હું હરણ ફાળે.


   Tian might say…

Your lips are moving, that’s what I hear.
What is a whisper! . . . What are vibrations!
I never knew and may never know.

My heart and mind just talk, talk and talk.
And some of you listen, how wonderful it is!
My eyes give messages, please try to read them right,
I mostly see replies of pity and pretense.

I am quite perfect, because I can see and feel.
please try me out beyond my lacking abilities.
I’m a shining star, just partially covered in cloud,
Forget about the cloud and help me brightly shine.

My hearing- and speech-impaired student. I was her volunteer tutor for five years. She earned a degree in graphic design.

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