A White Baloon

Posted in કાવ્યો by saryu on July 12th, 2013


A White Balloon

 Mama loves her little one with all her heart,
She looks through her tears as their world falls apart.
The girl with a smile says, “Mama! Let’s get toys,
I want to share with the girls and the boys.”

Mama wipes her tears and holds her tight,
She thinks for a while and tries to explain.
“O, my darling! Times are tough,
We cannot afford to buy new stuff.”

 Her bright hazel eyes are puzzled, perplexed,
“All I want is my very own balloon.
Please, mama, please get a big white balloon.”

The little girl plays with the big white balloon.
She tosses away her mama’s gloom.
Her free-floating laughter sails, gliding on the balloon,
A dream of this youth is flying to the moon.



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