Welcoming Ring

Posted in કાવ્યો by saryu on November 29th, 2012

Welcoming Ring

The young man hugs his granny, like a little boy,
as she puts a ring in his hand.
The young woman’s eyes ask, “What and why?
He says, “Darling! Let me explain.”

“As a little boy, I admired this ring on my gram’s finger.
The sparkling diamonds set amethyst around.
They blinked and winked like the smiling stars.
Grandma had said, ‘One day will come, you will fall in love.
If I like your girl, this ring will be yours.’”

   “This means that granny likes my choice.
She welcomes you, my love! The ring is yours.
You wear this ring for sparkle and shine.
This symbol of love just warms my heart.”


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