Sufiya Anjali and mom Sangita

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Sufiya Anjali 2011      Sangita in center foto-1976

The chania-choli stitched and sent in 1976 by Ilamami.

                                                              Sufiya Anjali 

Let me introduce you to our sweet little Sufiya,
Who has just arrived from the house of Ishwar-Allah.

The reason she has been sleeping all day and night?
Maybe she is dreaming of the story of the knight.

What she is observing, no way we can know;
Why sometimes she frowns, to us it is unknown.

She stares at her mother, who sweetly smiles at her jest.
She gently clings to her, oblivious to the rest.

Her big brother over there sits smugly in Papa’s lap.
 A storm may arise when she would climb his lap!

Whenever she likes, she sleeps, drinks or cries.
Whatever she chooses, it pleases our hearts.

Sangita-Mridul’s daughter, Kethan’s sister and our granddaughter.3/16/09

सुफीया अंजली

 लो आओ आज मीलावुं तुमको नन्ही बेटी सुफीयासे
             अभी अभी वो आई  है  खुद  ईश्वर-अल्लाके घरसे—

ईसिलीये  वो सोती रहेती,  सारे दिन और रातोमे     
   शायद  सूनती रहेती हैं,  खोई  परीयोंकी  बातोमे—

क्या देखे  वो क्या सोचे है, कैसे हम  क्युं कर जाने
  सपने देखे वो हंसती हो, क्या अपने क्या अनजाने—

टकटकती  वो  देखे मांको, मधुर मधुर जो मुस्काये
   नरम नरम हाथोसे पकडे, सब ऊलजन मां सुलजाये—

भैया   शानसे   चढकर   बैठा  है  पापाकी  गोदीमे
 देखो क्या  तुफान  उठे, जब  ये  भी  बैठे  गोदीमे—

जब  जी  चाहे  सोये  जागे, दुध  पीये या  तो  रोये
  जो मन चाहे  खेल रचाये, सबके  दिलको  बहेलाये—

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