Shadows in Mist

Posted in કાવ્યો by saryu on September 2nd, 2010

Shadows  in Mist

 I go away before;
I go to be with the Lord.

 I look back at the shadows in mist
And wonder, are they from this lifetime?

 I sailed away from the rosy isle,
Followed my runaway racing dreams
With an urge to merge in crazy surge
Tender agony in turning trudge,
Wonder was that in this lifetime?

 So many people and places at times
I was clingy to others as well mine.
Some of them now hazy and dark
I never went back to refresh, repine.
Were they all in this lifetime?

Maybe I follow the upward course,
Go back exploring the origin source.
I may get involved knowingly now,
Wander, re-enter the circle of mine
If it happened in this lifetime!

 The stars so far which made me bright
Let them be there; I cherish the light.
Once in a while the sparkles remind,
Whatever happened in this life time,
Surrender to soar in continual flight.

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