Posted in કાવ્યો by saryu on January 21st, 2010

painting by Dilip Parikh                


 Once upon a time, had a curious relation
Long love, hate, and choppy elation

 Gingerly, I said, “My feelings have been hurt”
He rendered me retort and took off, quite curt

 Hours and days on pins and needles
My heart and mind play a game of riddles

 When he calls, I’ll say, “ Honey I hurt”
He’ll show some grace, “ I’ll give you comfort”

The game goes on, at the phone I stare
My mind is greening as I play solitaire

 Sure, he shall give me details to do right
Generous as I am, will say, “Let’s not fight”

Fancy, funny game and my teasing, silly mind
Daydreaming heart drags following behind

Months and years, no roses no flame
My mind is laughing at my fantasy game

 Whatever did happen, meant for the best
Now mind is amused, heart happy he left


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